You may not know what transactional emails are just yet, but are you aware that you're probably sending them already? If your business has a website or a mobile app, then it’s more than likely you’ve been sending your customers transactional emails. From order confirmations to password resets, transactional emails are customer retention's best friend.

What is transactional email?

A transactional email, also known as a “triggered” email, is a type of automated, real-time email message sent to a particular recipient, following a specific action performed within a website or an application by them or affecting them in some manner. Unlike one-to-many promotional emails, transactional email is a more personalized form of communication. The emails include information that pertains directly to a transaction or process made by the recipient and therefore are anticipated to be received. Since the recipient expects to receive those emails, the sender is not required to obtain the recipients’ consent or add an unsubscribe/opt-out link that allows users to stop receiving email.

Types of Transactional Emails

Receipts and confirmations

A widely used type of transactional email is an order confirmation/receipt. Have you ever experienced that feeling of uncertainty following an online purchase? Waiting for a confirmation that assures you that your transaction was successful and your money has reached its destination can be nerve wracking. That’s why order confirmations/receipts are an important type of transactional email.

Other types of confirmation email include: New account sign-ups, newsletter sign ups, filled form confirmations, event RSVPs and double opt-in for subscribers to confirm their email address.

When your purchase confirmation takes more than 5 seconds.
When your purchase confirmation takes more than 5 seconds. Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Account notifications

This type of transactional email contains information that is essential to users, notifying them when certain actions have taken place within their account. For example: billing issues such as failed payment attempts, changes to passwords or email addresses, log-in attempt notifications, trial expiration notices, and a number of other account issues.

Feedback requests

While it may not provide any information relevant to recipients, feedback request emails can be a great way to help in creating a positive customer experience. However, obtaining feedback from customers can be unrealistic when leaving it up to the customers to go out of their way to share their thoughts. That is why sending feedback forms via email, following a purchase or after signing up for an account, is a frequently used type of transactional email with beneficial outcomes.

Referral emails

Happy customers can serve as great advocates for your business. Referral emails offer users a variety of incentives to spread the word about your services and are an effective way to expand your audience by reaching out to prospective customers.

Password reset and verification code

In addition to regular password updates, people tend to forget or lose their passwords often, making password reset emails one of the most common types of email. When a user requests to reset their password, they expect to get prompt, customized, and clear instructions to guide them through the process.

The importance of transactional emails

Proven to have considerably higher open rates than marketing emails, transactional emails are a great opportunity to gain brand credibility and increase customer loyalty. When it comes to changes regarding their accounts, users like to be notified, preferably at the speed of light, or at the very least in a matter of seconds. Sending your customers a well timed confirmation of a transaction made by your customer, or a speedy notification regarding an action associated with their account, will help build your relationship with them and improve your brand’s credibility.

Does Mailer To Go support transactional email?

The short answer is yes! Mailer To Go was built to simplify the process of sending transactional emails directly from your site or app with just a few easy steps. Mailer To Go also helps you track email events to ensure that all emails you send reach their destination.

Post photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash