For online services and businesses, email receipts are a necessity, and while they are transactional, they shouldn’t be taken for granted. E-receipts are important outlets through which you may leave a great first impression on a new customer that interacts with your brand. Since they are the most likely to be opened and read, a well thought out email receipt has great potential to increase revenue and improve customer relations, so sending a dull, text-only e-receipt is definitely not in your best interest.

What should I send to avoid a dull e-receipt you ask?

Follow our list of receipt email best practices in order to send the best e-receipt for your business:

1. Time your receipts so that they are sent immediately following the transaction

When making a purchase, customers need to be reassured that the transaction went smoothly and that the billing records are accurate. Hence, don't waste any time and - send your e-receipts immediately after a purchase is made.

2. Keep subject lines short and sweet: right to the point

In the subject line of your email receipt, avoid wordiness and convey the purpose of the message clearly. This is especially beneficial for e-receipts that are viewed on mobile devices, which is quite common these days. To concisely indicate that this is an e-receipt, you may use some of the following examples: 'Your receipt from Mailer To Go', 'Mailer To Go Receipt <receipt number>', 'Here’s your e-receipt from Mailer To Go' and 'Your Mailer To Go e-receipt'.

3. Include all necessary information

A receipt serves as a proof of payment and therefore must include all relevant purchase information. Keep in mind that receipts are often used as records for accounting, taxes, and expense reports, all of which require proper documentation and accurate information. Make sure to provide the following: date of billing and/or billing period, name of the product/service, quantity of each product/service, sales price of each product/service, total sales price (without tax), rate of tax and tax amount, and total price with tax.

Besides this information, it is recommended that you provide your customers an accessible way to reach out with any further online information regarding their purchase. This can be done through the addition of links to each product that was purchased as well as a link to any shipping information, if relevant.

4. Use printer-friendly e-receipts

Although e-receipts are meant to be an eco-friendly solution, convenient for both you and your customers, there are scenarios where the receipts are printed and used for tax purposes or for expense reports. Make it easy for customers to do so by using a printer-friendly e-receipt template or attaching a PDF version of that receipt. You may also consider adding a link to your billing portal, where users will be able to download the PDF version of the receipt after signing in. While this option may sometimes be considered a hassle, it encourages users to keep coming back to your product.

5. Add a Call-To-Action

Use receipt emails to guide your customers in taking further actions related to the receipt, such as changing personal account details, updating payment methods, changing plans, canceling subscriptions, or adding someone else as a recipient of the receipt notification .Another way that you can cater to your customers is by providing them with the best contact methods in an accessible manner through the receipt email. Taking the call-to-actions and reaching out to your team should be an easy task for them.

Adding links to your business's social media pages and blogs is recommended as this can increase click-through rates and help your company gain credibility. Adding links to specific blog posts that are relevant to the product purchased, specifically, show that you are willing to go beyond expectations to help your customers get even more out of their purchase.

7. Thank your customer for their purchase

Don’t forget to show your appreciation. Just as you would thank a customer face-to-face for purchasing an item in a store, you should always thank them for making an online transaction, ideally at the very beginning of the e-receipt and with the mention of their name, for that extra personal touch.

How can I automate my receipt emails?

Even if you’re using a payment gateway or accounting software that produces receipts on your behalf, you may still want to customize them yourself to personalize the email according to the best practices we mentioned above. You will need a transactional email service to augment your code with in order to send email from your domain. Mailer To Go can be used out of the box to send emails from your code in no time. Find out more and give it a try now by clicking on this link.